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best korean dramas

are you a Korean Drama Lover If Yes, Than You Are At Right Place Here You Will Get Best Korean Dramas On Netflix

Dust off your tracksuits, Squid Game fans: 2024 is your year.

After over three years, the most-watched non-English show in Netflix history is set to make a comeback with a new season, alongside several other Korean dramas that are gaining worldwide popularity.

Last year proved to be a successful period for Korean dramas, especially with the release of The Glory on Netflix. This gripping limited series focused on themes of revenge and justice, quickly becoming one of the top non-English shows on the platform. By mid-2023, it had accumulated over 622 million hours of viewing time.

South Korean content continues to overcome the language barrier effectively, as K-dramas consistently demonstrate their popularity in the United States. Following Netflix’s approach of capitalizing on this enduring global interest, 2024 has already introduced new binge-worthy options. In January, The Bequeathed, a thriller from the creators of the 2016 zombie hit Train to Busan, was released along with Doctor Slump, a cheerful yet thought-provoking medical romantic comedy.

The year has only just started, and there are numerous upcoming releases from South Korea to look forward to. These include new seasons of beloved fan-favorites and the premieres of original series.

Here are the K-dramas to look forward to on Netflix in 2024:

A Killer Paradox

Based on Kkomabi’s webtoon, A Killer Paradox follows the tale of ordinary man Lee Tang (portrayed by Choi Woo-shik from Parasite and Our Beloved Summer) who accidentally takes a life. Upon realizing that the deceased individual was actually a serial killer, Lee experiences a drastic transformation in his behavior, opting to engage in further killings. Meanwhile, he is chased by a determined police detective (portrayed by Son Suk-ku). The series is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on February 9th.

The 8 Show

Ryu Jun-yeol on The 8 ShowCourtesy of Netflix

Netflix is once again bringing Naver webtoons to the screen with The 8 Show, following the successes of All of Us Are Dead and Sweet Home. This new series draws inspiration from Money Game and Pie Game, both webtoons by Bae Jin-soo, while capturing the essence of Squid Game. The storyline revolves around eight people confined in an eight-story building, where they have the chance to win a substantial amount of money by participating in a risky game show.

The 8 Show marks director Han Jae-rim’s debut Netflix series project. He is renowned for his successful South Korean box-office hits such as The Face Reader, The King, and Emergency Declaration. The series is anticipated to premiere in the second quarter of 2024.

Sweet Home (Season 3)

Song Kang returns as Cha Hyun-su in the third season of Sweet HomeCourtesy of Netflix

Fans of the popular Korean actor Song Kang will be excited to know that a third season of the hit series is set to premiere on Netflix in the summer of 2024. The first season of Sweet Home was a global favorite on the platform, focusing on Song’s character Cha Hyun-su and his group of Green Home residents facing an apocalyptic threat that transforms humans into strange monsters. While the second season expanded beyond their immediate surroundings, exploring themes of humanity within these monstrous beings, some critics found it lacking in comparison to the tightly woven narrative of Season 1, especially with Hyun-su’s reduced presence. However, anticipation is high for the upcoming third season as it promises to address unresolved plot points from the dramatic conclusion of Season .

Gyeongseong Creature (Season 2)

Another monster series is set to return in 2024 following a rare two-season order from South Korean TV. Gyeongseong Creature, which debuted in late 2023, will see the comeback of Park Seo-jun (known for The Marvels) and Han So-hee (from The World of the Married and Jung Kook’s “Seven” music video). The upcoming season will fast forward from 1945—during Japan’s occupation of Korea—to 2024. Park now portrays Ho-jae, a man bearing a striking resemblance to the pawnshop owner he portrayed in Season 1, Jang Tae-sang. Meanwhile, Han reprises her role as Yoon Chae-ok, who survived events seven decades ago when [spoiler alert] the parasite that transformed her mother into a monster was transferred into her own body.

The new season is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2024.

Mr. Plankton

Lee You-mi stars in the upcoming romantic comedy series Mr. PlanktonCourtesy of Netflix

Actor Woo Do-hwan has been making frequent appearances on Netflix recently, starring in Bloodhounds, The King: Eternal Monarch, and My Country: The New Age. In addition to these roles, he will also be featured in the upcoming romantic comedy series Mr. Plankton alongside Squid Game’s Lee You-mi. Lee You-mi made history as the first Asian actor to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series. Mr. Plankton follows the story of Hae-jo (played by Woo), a wanderer searching for his estranged father, and Jae-mi (portrayed by Lee), a bride-to-be who decides to abandon her wedding plans to join Hae-jo on his journey.

The Trunk

Gong Yoo plays a lonely music producer in The Trunk.Courtesy of Netflix

This mystery series is an adaptation of the renowned Korean novel by author Kim Ryeo-ryeong. Set in a society where divorces are on the rise, The Trunk delves into the concept of short-term marriages offered by a matchmaking company as a premium service. This unique service allows clients to enter into contractual marriages with new partners for a specific duration. In-ji, portrayed by Seo Hyun-jin from Another Miss Oh, is a matchmaker at this company, while Jeong-won, played by Gong Yoo from Train to Busan, is a music producer who becomes involved in one such marriage. As their contract approaches its conclusion, their lives take an unexpected twist when they stumble upon an abandoned trunk in a lake. The show is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

Squid Game (Season 2)

After the immense success of its debut season in 2021, fans have been eagerly anticipating a second season of the Emmy-winning director Hwang Dong-hyuk’s critically acclaimed survival drama. In early February, Netflix released a 17-second teaser that continues from where the first season concluded: featuring a red-haired Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun, also known as Player 456, deciding against leaving South Korea for the U.S. Instead, he appears to be driven by a desire for revenge. A mysterious voice warns Gi-hun over the phone, “You will regret your decision,” to which he chillingly responds: “I will track you down. No matter what it takes.”

 Several characters met their demise in the first season, but new characters will be introduced in the sequel. Lee will return to his role, along with Lee Byung-Hun as the Frontman, Wi Ha-joon as Officer Hwang Jun-ho, and Gong Yoo as the Recruiter. The release date for the new episodes in 2024 has not been disclosed yet.

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