Best Movies on Amazon Prime Free

Best Movies on Amazon Prime Free

Are you Movie lover than here is Best Movies on Amazon Prime Free

Red, White, and Royal Blue

This movie can be considered the “best film” based on a very specific criteria – and that criteria is “delightfully cheesy entertainment.” Adapted from Casey McQuinston’s popular novel, this romantic comedy follows the evolving relationship between First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz (played by Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Prince Henry (played by Nicholas Galitzine), the “spare” to the British throne. Starting off as rivals, they gradually develop mutual respect and eventually embark on a groundbreaking romance. The storyline is often over-the-top, featuring moments like accidentally falling into a wedding cake, a scandalous encounter in a hotel room, and political drama involving Alex’s mother, President Ellen Claremont (portrayed by Uma Thurman with an eccentric “Texan” accent). Despite its absurdities, the movie exudes charm and positivity that is hard to resist. In essence, Red, White, and Royal Blue can be likened to pizza – not necessarily good for you but undeniably enjoyable.

Shin Masked Rider

If you’re tired of generic Hollywood superhero films, then this fresh take on one of Japan’s most cherished heroes is worth your attention. Directed by Hideaki Anno (known for Evangelion, Shin Godzilla, Shin Ultraman—“shin” meaning “new” or “true” in Japanese), this reimagines the 1971 TV series Kamen Rider. Similar to the original show, it centers around motorcyclist Takeshi Hongo (played by Sosuke Ikematsu). Captured by the terrorist group S.H.O.C.K.E.R. and transformed into a powerful cyborg against his will, Hongo manages to break free and uses his enhanced abilities to combat the organization’s forces instead of becoming their pawn. Unlike its predecessor, Anno’s interpretation delves into the unsettling aspects of being turned into a cyborg while also challenging both his characters and viewers to hold onto their humanity in a world that seeks to strip it away.

It is more intense than one might anticipate, frequently depicting the gruesome consequences of ordinary individuals being punched by superpowered cyborgs and monsters, yet it is never excessive. Those familiar with the source material will likely appreciate Shin Masked Rider even more, as it offers a thrilling experience for those seeking a slightly different take on hero movies.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

When Brittany’s doctor advises her to lose weight, she sees it as an opportunity to empower herself. She begins by lacing up a pair of sneakers and setting a goal to run just one block, which eventually leads to her ambitious decision to participate in the New York City Marathon. The story, inspired by the real-life experiences of director Paul Downs Colaizzo’s friend, not only emphasizes the positive aspects of running but also acknowledges the challenges it brings. This movie conveys a powerful message that no matter how tough life may seem, one can always rise again.


Today, Michael Jordan is widely regarded as a sports icon, and Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers remain a popular choice on the basketball court. However, this was not the case in 1984. At that time, Jordan was a rookie and Nike was considering shutting down its basketball shoe division. Sonny Vaccaro (played by Matt Damon), a talent scout for the footwear company, identifies a promising talent in North Carolina who could potentially change their fortunes – Michael Jordan. He must now persuade others to take a chance on Jordan and save the company from closure. The film goes beyond being just a two-hour advertisement for shoes. Strong performances are delivered by Damon, Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker, and director Ben Affleck; however, Viola Davis shines brightly in her role as matriarch Deloris Jordan. The script by Alex Convery focuses on the individuals involved rather than corporate dynamics, making “Air” a refreshing character-driven film in an era dominated by franchises and blockbusters.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Kazakh” TV reporter, who also speaks Hebrew, returns to the US after 14 years since his last feature-length adventure. This time, Baron Cohen is accompanied by his Bulgarian-speaking teenage daughter on a mission to present her as a “gift” to influential American politicians, starting with Mike Pence and then Rudy Giuliani. In typical Borat style, the mockumentary chronicles the zany journey of this duo across Trump’s America, capturing candid reactions from unsuspecting individuals such as QAnon believers, Republican activists, debutantes, and even Giuliani himself. The film cleverly incorporates the coronavirus pandemic that hit America during filming as a comedic element. Baron Cohen delivers his signature shock humor and deadpan wit while also taking jabs at bigots along the way. Unlike its 2006 predecessor which delved deeper into societal issues, this installment focuses more on eliciting nervous laughter from viewers but still offers an entertaining and worthwhile watch.

Shotgun Wedding

A lively twist on the classic romantic comedy genre, “Shotgun Wedding” entices audiences with a familiar premise – a wedding set on a tropical island, complete with family drama – before transforming into an action-packed adventure when the wedding party is kidnapped by ruthless pirates. While some may find it a bit over-the-top and self-aware at times, stars Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel bring infectious energy to their roles as the bride and groom Darcy and Tom. Their wedding day quickly becomes a comically intense fight for survival that is both entertaining and engaging. Supported by a talented cast, including scene-stealer Jennifer Coolidge as the groom’s mother, this film promises an entertaining experience that is definitely worth attending.


Aisha, portrayed by Anna Diop, is a Senegalese woman employed as a nanny for a wealthy couple in New York City. She dreams of earning enough money to bring her son and cousin to America to be with her. However, Aisha’s fate is controlled by her employers who entrust her with the care of their daughter, Rose, while frequently withholding her wages. The power dynamics take a toll on Aisha, leading to haunting dreams of drowning and deep-seated fears of abandoning her own child. Director Nikyatu Jusu’s debut film “Nanny” delves into the immigrant experience in modern America through a lens of darkness rather than hope and opportunity. The film explores themes of culture and community left behind with a palpable sense of sadness. While taking a slow-burn psychological approach to its scares, “Nanny” showcases Anna Diop’s exceptional performance alongside meticulous pacing and stunning cinematography that captivates every frame.

Coming 2 America

Relying on nostalgia to propel new installments in dormant series can be a risky endeavor, but Eddie Murphy’s reprisal of the role of Prince—now King—Akeem of Zamunda over three decades post the 1988 film Coming to America demonstrates how to execute it effectively. Pulled back to the US in pursuit of a son he was unaware of, Akeem—and viewers—are treated to reunions with familiar characters from the initial movie. Director Craig Brewer (known for Hustle and Flow) then flips the script by challenging American characters with a journey to Zamunda. With a more astute, sharper, and globally conscious screenplay compared to its predecessor, Coming 2 America defies expectations as a comedy sequel that upholds the legacy of its forerunner.

Thirteen Lives

Director Ron Howard’s most recent film features a stellar cast that includes Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell, and Joel Edgerton. The movie dramatizes the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue, where a Thai junior soccer team and their assistant coach were trapped in a flooded cave system. As an international rescue effort unfolds to save the children, the challenges of navigating miles of underwater caverns grow increasingly perilous. Howard skillfully captures every tense and claustrophobic moment of this harrowing ordeal. “Thirteen Lives” is a gripping film with expertly filmed aquatic scenes that showcase one of the most challenging rescues ever attempted.

One Night in Miami…

Based on the play of the same name, “One Night in Miami” depicts a meeting between four cultural, music, and sports icons – Malcolm X, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke, and Muhammad Ali – during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. Taking place in a motel room following Ali’s historic victory over Sonny Liston in 1964 when he was still known as Cassius Clay, the film showcases their discussions about their roles in society amidst the weight of history. The film’s close quarters reflect its theatrical origins while Regina King’s directorial debut skillfully captures the larger-than-life personalities of its cast. Kingsley Ben-Adir shines as Malcolm X alongside Aldis Hodge, Leslie Odom Jr., and Eli Goree who portray Brown, Cooke, and Ali with magnetic performances.

The Report

The Report, produced by Amazon, is a captivating portrayal of the US Senate’s inquiry into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program. It delves into its origins, those involved, and how the CIA manipulated information to justify its effectiveness. Adam Driver shines as Daniel Jones, the main investigator who courageously pursued the truth despite facing political obstacles and CIA obstruction. Driver delivers an outstanding performance as usual, earning the film a commendable 82 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sound of Metal

Punk-rock drummer and recovering addict Ruben faces a life-altering challenge when he starts losing his hearing. Forced to choose between his career and his ability to hear, Ruben spirals until his girlfriend Lou intervenes by admitting him to a rehab center for the deaf. In this journey, he confronts not only his behavior but also the uncertain future ahead. Riz Ahmed delivers a powerful performance as Ruben, with Olivia Cooke shining as Lou, who battles her own struggles like self-harm. Director Darius Marder skillfully incorporates sound and silence in “Sound of Metal,” creating one of the most compelling dramas in recent years.

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